The PIPER floor Totem with Self-Supporting Base represents a comprehensive solution for Digital Signage needs, combining reliability, flexibility, and security in an elegant and
modern design free of visible screws. Characterized by a sturdy structure in painted steel, it offers resistance and durability. Equipped with laminated front glass to protect
the screens, it can be equipped with touchscreens for intuitive interaction. With a wide range of vertical screen sizes, it easily adapts to display needs and available spaces.
Versatile and adaptable to a variety of indoor contexts, it is ideal for sectors such as retail, museums, hotels, airports, and public spaces. It features registration and
recognition systems for advanced user interaction and a rear compartment with a lock to protect electronic components. Optional side LED lighting adds a touch of elegance and
visibility. The PIPER floor Totem represents a secure and efficient choice in Digital Signage


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