The Multifunction e-CODE Totem offers a superior experience to the public, combining elegance and functionality in a single device. With a 22” or 32” touchscreen monitor, it
ensures interactive engagement. Aesthetically customizable, it adapts to the environment with various colors and adhesive graphics. Its functional versatility makes it integrable
with registration systems, queue management, and promotional solutions, suitable for a wide range of sectors, from banking to catering to public offices, pharmacies, and
analytical laboratories. Advanced accessories such as a thermal printer, QR Code READer, and Mi-fare RFID enrich its capabilities further. The glass surface facilitates
cleaning and protects from external damage. Designed for inclusivity, it is accessible to all, including individuals with motor disabilities. In conclusion, the e-CODE Totem elevates interactions with the public, offering a memorable experience and distinguishing the company from competitors for its elegance, foresight, and versatility.


  • Elimina Code
  • Controllo accessi
  • Punto informativo
  • Prenotazioni
  • Menù / Ordinazioni


  • Banche
  • Centri Commerciali
  • Punti vendita dettaglio e all’ingrosso
  • HoReCa
  • Reception Aziende
  • Ospedali
  • Stazioni e Aeroporti

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