The JOLLY-S Totem represents elegance and functionality combined in a single solution for the corporate environment. With a refined and customizable design, it offers an
engaging experience through its 15-inch touchscreen monitor. Equipped with various features such as queue jumping and access control, it easily adapts to a wide range of
corporate needs. Constructed with high-quality painted steel and a smooth glass surface, it ensures reliability and long-term security. With versatile applications ranging from
banking to catering to public offices, pharmacies, and analytical laboratories, in sectors such as banks, shopping malls, and HoReCa, the JOLLY-S Totem stands out for its
versatility and timeless style. Discover the potential of this extraordinary totem and differentiate your company with style and innovation.


  • Elimina Code
  • Controllo accessi
  • Punto informativo
  • Prenotazioni
  • Menù Ordinazioni


  • Banche
  • Centri Commerciali
  • Punti vendita dettaglio e all’ingrosso
  • HoReCa
  • Reception Aziende

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