The e-Live Menu is an innovative and simple tool that offers an engaging presentation of the dishes available, allowing customers to browse the menu via a touch screen monitor,
available in various widely spoken languages. In addition to showcasing the dishes, this device also allows for a wide range of multimedia content to be displayed, including realtime weather updates, sports information, scheduled events, and the latest news, thus
enriching the customer experience.Constructed on a sturdy structure of painted steel, the e-Live Menu can be customized with colors and designs according to the customer’s
preferences, ensuring it complements the establishment’s branding. With a 24-inch monitor and compact dimensions, it seamlessly fits into any environment, providing a
visually harmonious and captivating impact.Weighing only 38 kg, the e-Live Menu is easy to transport and offers reliable stability once positioned. Thanks to its versatility and
functionality, it represents an essential addition for any establishment aiming to offer a unique gastronomic and multimedia experience to its customers.


  • Punto informativo
  • Menù


  • HoReCa
  • Centri Commerciali
  • Punti vendita dettaglio e all’ingrosso

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