Discover our e-CHECK lecterns for Industry 4.0 automation: an advanced solution for controlling and managing production processes. Ideal for floor application, it offers mounting flexibility with an optional self-supporting base. Made entirely of steel with customizable painting, it ensures strength and adaptability to industrial environments.
Equipped with various IP protection classes and laminated vandal-resistant glass, it ensures safety and protection of internal components. The horizontally installed 17’’ touchscreen display provides an intuitive interface for process control and monitoring. RFID Mi-fare READers simplify identification and access to materials and resources.
With a large rear door for the electrical panel, it offers ease of access and maintenance. Choose our lectern to optimize your production and embrace Industry 4.0 automation
with safety and reliability.


  • Gestione processi produttivi
  • Interfaccia macchina


  • Industria meccanica
  • Edilizia
  • Logistica

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