The WALL-i box for Industry 4.0 automation is your reliable partner for controlling and managing production processes. Perfect for WALL or floor application with the optional
base, it is made entirely of satin-finished stainless steel AISI 304 or with customizable painting, ensuring robustness and durability. Equipped with various IP protection classes
and laminated safety glass, it ensures maximum safety for your industrial processes. Its 17’’ 4/3 touchscreen display offers an intuitive interface for control and monitoring, while
QR Code and/or Barcode READers, thermal printers, and RFID Mi-fare READers simplify material identification and management. With a large front door for maintenance, it
ensures ease of access and optimal operation. Choose our Totem to optimize your production and embrace Industry 4.0 automation with safety and reliability.


  • Gestione processi produttivi
  • Interfaccia macchina


  • Industria alimentare
  • Industria meccanica
  • Edilizia
  • Logistica

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