Our double-sided floor-standing DIMO D Totem is an excellent solution for outdoor communication. Made entirely of steel with customizable coating and specific treatment
for outdoor environments, it offers durability and resistance. With laminated safety glass and a wide choice of vertical screens of 46”, 55”, and 65”, it ensures an extraordinary
visual experience in any weather condition. Equipped with a heater and thermostat for ventilation management, it adapts to every climate, from high temperatures to the
harshest weather conditions. Its front opening facilitates regular maintenance, while the reprogrammable lock allows unification of your totem keys. The high-brightness double sided screens ensure excellent visibility even under direct sunlight. Automatic brightness adjustment based on outdoor light prevents nighttime glare. Meeting the needs of Digital Signage, it’s perfect as a static or interactive information point. Our DIMO D Totem is the ideal solution for a wide range of contexts, including shopping malls, HoReCa, museums,
and municipalities.


  • Sistemi promozionali
  • Punto informativo


  • Comuni
  • Centri Commerciali
  • Stazione e Aeroporti

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