The TABULA-LONG multimedia table epitomizes innovation, seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art features with a sleek and durable design. Boasting a built-in 55-inch
touchscreen, it delivers an unmatched interactive experience, catering perfectly to marketing, project sharing, and Digital Signage needs. Its sturdy steel structure ensures
unparalleled robustness, while customizable painting allows seamless adaptation to any environment. Tailored for the services and Digital Signage sector, the TABULA-LONG
supports a diverse array of applications, from browsing newspapers to engaging in interactive gaming. Moreover, the TABULA-LONG goes beyond with advanced digital
capabilities and a practical desktop area doubling as a workspace. This additional feature enhances versatility, enabling users to seamlessly transition between traditional
tasks like note-taking, document compilation, or project collaboration while leveraging its multimedia functionalities. With cutting-edge technology and practicality at its core, the
TABULA-LONG emerges not just as an ideal solution for visual communication and experiential marketing but also as a crucial asset for enhancing efficiency and productivity across various professional and creative realms.


  • Lettura quotidiani
  • Giochi interattivi
  • Sistemi promozionali
  • Presentazioni
  • Project sharing


  • Centri Commerciali
  • Punti vendita dettaglio e all’ingrosso
  • HoReCa
  • Musei

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