FRIDA is the first floor Totem from the Green Line, representing a sustainable innovation in Digital Signage. Made entirely of solid wood with customizable surface treatment, it
offers an effective solution for content promotion while reducing environmental impact. The Eco-Friendly design reflects the philosophy of bio-sustainability, being 100%
recyclable in its structural part. Equipped with a 43” touchscreen monitor, FRIDA offers an interactive and engaging experience. Its versatile adaptability makes it ideal for a
variety of indoor settings and sectors such as retail, museums, hotels, airports, and public spaces that prioritize sustainability and green philosophy. Meeting the needs of
Digital Signage, FRIDA provides a comprehensive solution for message promotion. By choosing the floor Totem from the Green Line, you are investing not only in a high-quality
solution but also in the sustainable future of the planet. By combining advanced technology and environmental responsibility, FRIDA is the perfect choice for promoting content and commitment to preserving the environment for future generations.


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